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Bali Is 1st Among Asia’s Top 10 Islands

Bali Is 1st Among Asia’s Top 10 Islands


Bali has won first place regionally in the TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Islands – Asia reader survey and fifth place in the World’s Top 10 Islands reader survey conducted by the travel review and booking website. Bali was described by TripAdvisor as “a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy.” It also said that the “artistic capital” of Ubud is the perfect place to see a cultural dance performance, take a batik or silver-smithing workshop, or invigorate your mind and body in a yoga class. According to TripAdvisor, Phuket is the second-best island in Asia after Bali, Indonesia. Regionally, Koh Samui and Koh Tao are ranked third and fourth respectively. The travel review and booking site selected its Travellers' Choice Island award winners based on the quality and quantity of user reviews over 12 months.


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