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Where Balinese Tradition Meets Modern Conveniences

Where Balinese Tradition Meets Modern Conveniences

Given Ubud’s rich Hindu heritage and cultural traditions, its important location as part of a royal family compound adjacent to the holy Hindu ceremonial cremation site and directly opposite the very important Pura Dalem Puri temple made it crucially imperative to incorporate aesthetic Balinese architectural principles in manifesting the island’s ancient culture and artistry on the daily life of Balinese ceremonial traditions and rituals in harmony with nature.

Indonesian Architect and interior designer Pak Billy Ferdinand successfully ascertained the full integrity of the design and planning guidelines relative to the following areas: buildings’ height stipulation; number of guest rooms; their relevance to the front elevation components for the “podium” stair towers with introduction of ample natural daylight, and their tiled roofing structures on top.

Landscape designer and contractor Pak Made Ardhana introduced various indigenous plant materials and tree specimens such as the frangipani and red sealing wax palms or lipstick palms (cyrtostachys renda, or Palma Merah for its positive energies).

The name of the hotel’s Peliatan Ballroom was intentionally adapted from the Peliatan Village where the hotel is sited. Its purpose is to preserve the history of Peliatan Kingdom for the villagers of Peliatan, citizens of Ubud, and informing all future tourists and visitors through hand-crafted gold frames of mounted colour prints, of a series of original antique paintings on palm fronds depicting and recounting the history and provenance of the Peliatan Kingdom in the Pre-function Foyer of the Peliatan Ballroom, and in the Sukma Boardroom.
In utmost consideration of corporate social responsibility toward energy consumption and conservation, an additional investment in solar panels was made to address lighting requirements for all guest corridors, landscaped areas, and the main entry. Meaningful energy savings are already being achieved daily.

Further, separate measures for refuse collection, disposal and re-cycling have also been implemented consistently since all of the hotel’s rooms were completed in July, 2015..

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