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Pelebon, A Grand Cremation Ceremony

Pelebon, A Grand Cremation Ceremony


Come closer through the eyes of a lense for a more intimate look at a Balinese “Pelebon” Ceremony. Pelebon is a breathtaking grand cremation for Balinese nobles and royalty; preparation can take up to weeks or months leading up to a “good day” on the Balinese calendar.  



On the day of the cremation, neighbours, friends and family come together the day before to perform intricate series of ceremonies at the family house. The procession will then take the body of the deceased and the symbolic White Cow as seen in the photo above, to the burial site to be burnt to ashes. 



Behind the splendour, the Balinese work tirelessly together in the spirit of community to ensure that the soul of the deceased reaches Nirvana in a calm and revered state. It is also part of their belief system not to display too much emotions during this time so as not to agitate the spirits of those who have died. 



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