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A Guide To Bali – Especially for Animal Lovers

A Guide To Bali – Especially for Animal Lovers

There is no ending if we talk about travelling, vacation, and trips to and around Bali Island. Mostly, tourists will visit well-known beaches or they will escape into nature for its panorama. But those are not the only activities that you can do while in Bali.

In this week's newsletter, we want to highlight some destinations in Bali that would best suit any animal lover. If you love animals too, then, travelling while in Bali is good way to explore the different species of animals that are abundant on the island. Here are top 5 family-friendly destinations for you, especially for animal lovers and also for parents who want to spend a great holiday with their kids:

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Located in Gianyar and near the beach, Bali Safari & Marine Park is the perfect place for animal lovers. All kinds of habitats from different countries can be found here. You can see the original piranha from the Amazon and a variety of fish from other tropical regions during your walk through its impressive aquarium. You can also view some of Asia and Africa's most exciting wildlife with the park's Safari Journey adventure. For those feeling a bit more daring, try the Night Safari and then stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge for an entirely exhilarating jungle experience!

Elephant Safari Park

Located in Taro, Ubud, Elephant Safari Park is a place that you have to visit. You and your family will have an unforgettable experience with these amazing pachyderms. Observe the elephants in their natural habitat while you cycle, walk, or dine. Other activities are also available at the Elephant Safari Park where you can feed, touch, bathe and even take photos with these gentle giants as you learn all about these fascinating and beautiful creatures. Before you head home, do enjoy the Elephant Show at the Park's Arena, starring who else but the park's beloved trumpeted residents!

Bali Zoo Park

This is the first ever zoo to be opened in Bali, featuring more than 350 animals in Bali Zoo Park on over 22 acres of land area. Not only that, there are many animals in Bali Zoo is quite rare such as Elephants, Sumatran Tigers, Komodo Dragons, and Pythons. You can visit each exhibition closely but do keep the safety of your family in mind. Other fun activities at the Zoo are also available like the Night Safari. When hungry, enjoy delicious Indonesian and Western dishes at the Zoo's great restaurants that come with fantastic views.

Bali Bird Park

If you are a big fan of our feathered friends, then you have to visit the Bali Bird Park. This bird conservation has thousands of bird species from Indonesia, America, Australia, and Africa. The park also features some interesting facilities. Here, you will not only watch the live action of the birds but also a 4D movie all about birds. Even as it is called Bali Bird Park, it is also a conservation centre for reptiles such as komodo dragons and pythons, which are separated from the bird area and with extra security.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Of course, in every areas of Bali, there are many places that let the monkeys roam. Those places are usually connected with sites adjacent to the forest like Alas Kedaton. But if you want a better look at the action of the monkey in a special place, then do a visit to Monkey Forest in Ubud. More than 600 monkeys can be found there. No need to worry or be scared, they are not that naughty or as scary as you think. There are plenty of forest personnel at hand to help, but remember to not bring any food with you into the forest!

Taman Nasional Bali Barat

Taman Nasional Bali Barat or West Bali National Park will take a special place in your heart and mind because of its natural beauty. Encompassing a number of small islands like Menjangan, Gadung, Burung and Kalong, four mountains are also located in the National Park area like Mt. Prapat Agung, Mt. Banyuwedang, Mt. Klatak, and Mt. Sangiang. There are one hundred and seventy-five species of rare, wild animals and 110 species of corals and reefs are a live show for you to witness. If you lucky, you can see Jalak Bali, the special bird of Bali.


Those are 5 destinations for animal lovers that you can visit while you have a travelling in Bali. Enjoy the activities, attractions, and their behavior with a breathtaking panorama and a beautiful island view.


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