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Sunrise Trekking at Mount Batur

Sunrise Trekking at Mount Batur

One of Bali’s most sacred mountains and a popular tourist attraction, Mount Batur has long been a favourite destination for the adventurous. Located in Batur village in the district of Kintamani, this active volcano reaches 1717 m at its highest point and is perfect for thrill-seekers as it offers a challenging climb and at its summit, the most captivating views.

Most visitors climb Mount Batur to view the dazzling sunrise from its peak. This involves many risks and many travellers experience hiking in the dark in a volatile environment, stumbling across uneven footpaths and slipping down footholds. Many sustain mild injuries. But is the experience worth it? Our very own Monique Sinke found out:

It is 12 PM and we are driving to Kintamani from where we will commence climbing Mount Batur. From Denpasar it is a two hour drive and when we arrive everything is pitch black. There are no lights guiding our path save the flashlights that we received from our guides.

We begin walking down a small sandy path through a forest and rice fields. Soon the road beneath our feet changes into a much steeper asphalt one. It doesn’t take long before we feel a slight burn in our calves; we now have officially started climbing! Due to the fact we are walking in a large group we take a small breaks every now and then.

After a good 30 minutes of walking, the guides tell us this was the easy part of the climb, soon we find out why. We no longer walk on asphalt but on rocks and loose soil. You have to be very careful climbing here because one wrong move and you will fall. This is probably the most difficult and challenging part of the track but with good motivation, we pressed on. After two more hours climbing different stages of the mountain, we finally arrive at the top. Still it is completely dark but in a few minutes the sun will rise and present us that beautiful view which we came for.

At the top we have a 360 degree view over Bali, the lake and the villages surrounding the mountain. From the hills in front of us the first light appears and moments later it fades into yellow. Soon the sun has completely risen and this moment seems magical to me. I enjoy the breathtaking view and captured it with my camera. Once the sun has fully risen we began on our climb down.

Do’s and Don’ts When Climbing Mount Batur:


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