Ancient Culture Meets Modern Service at The Ayodya Resort Bali

The Ayodya Resort Bali prides itself in successfully bridging the distance between Bali’s rich ancient cultural traditions with flawless service and elegant accommodations as demanded by today’s modern and sophisticated travellers.

The Resorts’ design, architecture and daily life draws inspiration from the romantic tale of the Ramayana and its star-crossed lovers – Rama and Shinta. These lovers are pivotal characters in the 24,000 ancient poetic verses that convey the tale of their epic life journey relating allegorical teachings and philosophical fables that are ingrained in the very consciousness of almost every Indonesian – particularly those raised in the rich Hindu traditions of the Island of Bali. Repeated nightly in the dance-drama performances that continue to mesmerize a modern generation of Indonesian children, the tales of Rama and Shinta convey the message of love, friendship, marriage and duty to family and homeland. This commitment to Bali’s past and its promise for the future form part of The Ayodya Resort’s pride-of-place as the first Resort to open in 1991 at the then seminal Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) Nusa Dua Complex. The intervening 25-years have seen Nusa Dua grow into a world leading tourism enclave that regularly hosts important conferences and summits attended by world leaders. On an island where Balinese elements in the design and presentation of luxury hotels is too-often overwhelmed by inspired “modern design,” guests at The Ayodya Resort Bali will discover that the spacious 537-room resort, accompanying conference facilities and surrounding gardens are proudly Balinese in every detail. Also complementing this uncompromising commitment to the Island, its culture and its people are open spaces that are reminiscent of the majestic courts of Balinese Rajas; stone and wood carvings executed by Bali’s most-talented craftsmen; and performance spaces with Balinese temples serving as backdrops for dance and musical performances staged by the Island’s best artistic troupes.

Resting upon 11.5 hectares of landscaped gardens and beautiful lagoon pools, the Ayodya name was taken from the name of the palace where Rama and Shinta happily resided. An outstanding 5-star resort, it is fully equipped with the latest and most modern facilities to complement your stay, including a 300-metre golden sandy beach with gentle rolling waves, a fitness centre, swimming pools and squash courts. There are 8 F&B outlets including 5 Restaurants, 3 Bars & Lounge offering a variety of cuisines including the freshest seafood and Balinese delicacies to Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, while a cultural dinner with traditional dance performances like the Kecak and Legong Dance is the most awaited event at the Balinese Theatre. Relax and unwind at the Ayodya Spa by Mandara while the little ones have a smashing good time at the resort’s Camp Ananda, a fully-supervised kids club. Keeping to the resort’s commitment to cater to all levels of business needs, the resort also offers 14 versatile meeting rooms and remarkable venues by the beach for private functions.

Ayodya Resort Bali

Jl. Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua, Bali

T : 62 361 771102

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