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The Obamas In Bali?

The Obamas In Bali?

The former President of The United State of America, Barack Obama and his family are rumoured to visit Indonesia to open the 4th Indonesia Diaspora Congress in Jakarta on 1st July 2017. He will speak for the first time in Asia since he was the President of The United States of America. He has also been invited by Indonesia President Joko Widodo to Bogor Palace. But first, the Obamas will be in Bali for a much-deserved family holiday in paradise!

According to Bali's Governor, Made Pangku Pastika, the Obamas will vacation in Bali from June 23rd before heading to Jakarta and Jogjakarta for official matters. At the moment, ithere is no official confirmation from the relevant authorities, but keep an eye out, you never know if you could catch a glimpse of America's 44th President and his family! 

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