A Touch of Goddess Rukmini at Inaya Putri Bali

One of the seven goddesses famed for her beauty and virtue, Rukmini was a princess who was in love with the good character of Krishna. Although she had never met him in person before, the heroic tales of his adventures moved her heart. Her parents were supportive of her feelings for Krishna. However, her brother Rukmi strongly opposed it, and arranged for her to marry the ruthless king Sisupala for political reasons.

Knowing the cruel nature of the king, a horrified Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna in a desperate attempt to escape the marriage. As an answer, Krishna showed up at her supposed wedding day and swept her away with him on a chariot.

Rukmi was angered by the act and quickly went after them. He attacked Krishna in anger, which resulted in a battle that ended in Rukmi’s unavoidable defeat. However, Rukmi pleaded Krishna to let her brother go, and so Krishna decided to let him live, only shaving Rukmi’s head to humiliate him instead of taking his life.

Rukmini is the graceful goddess of beauty and fortune; the ethereal inspiration depicted with the colors of gold and pink, all to reflect the aspect of grace and appreciation.

You can sense the touch of Rukmini in Puri 2, where gold and pink hues decorates the building gracefully.

Inaya Putri Bali

Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua, Lot S-3, Bali 80363 – Indonesia

T .+62 361 77 44 88 / +62 361 2002 900


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