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Try One or More! – Balinese Signature Food (Part 2)

Try One or More! – Balinese Signature Food (Part 2)

Try One or More! 
Balinese Signature Foods (Part 2)

As we know that Balinese foods are already well-known around the world and became an iconic status and popularity among mainstream tourists. With their unique flavours and the way they are made, Balinese foods come with a different taste and style. You will not be disappointed.

Photo by: jenzcorner.net

In the previous article we have talked about 4 Balinese signature foods. There is Nasi CampurNasi JinggoRujak Kuah Pindang, and Bebek Goreng. Now in this article, we will talk about other 4 Balinese signature foods and we believe that you are familiar with those foods.

Ayam Betutu

Photo by: perutgendut.com

Ayam Betutu is a dish where a whole chicken is steamed with herbs and spices for hours until all of the flavours are soaked into the meat before the chicken is then roasted. Ayam Betutu is usually cooked for a special ceremony as an offering. The chicken meat in an Ayam betutu dish is usually extremely tender and delicious thanks to hours of marination and preparation. The dish is also accompanied with fried peanuts, sambal matah, and other sauces. It will be more delicious if you add Plecing (water spinach with spicy sauce) to your dish of Ayam Betutu.

Babi Guling

Photo by: budayabaliunik

We believe that almost all people who ever visit Bali Island will know this one. Yes, Babi Guling is one of the most popular Balinese signature food. Babi Guling or Suckling Pig is a whole roasted pig where Balinese people usually put some flavours and vegetables in it. Of course you will not eat the whole Babi Guling. This food comes with steamed rice, pork, crispy pig skin, lawar, crackers, sate,and sauce. Babi Guling is good for lunch or dinner.


Photo by: Ayu Maysitha

Lawar is another most popular Balinese signature food. The unique of this food is every district in Bali has their style in serving Lawar. There are many kinds of Lawar namely Lawar Buah Kacang, Lawar Isi, Lawang Nangka, etc. You may familiar with Lawar Buah Kacang.  It is a chopped green long bean which already steamed mixed with shredded coconut, minced chicken, pork, or beef and also contained Balinese flavours. You can found this food everywhere in Bali, even other Balinese signature foods like Ayam Betutu, Babi Guling, or Nasi Campur will be accompanied with Lawar. Balinese people usually make Lawar when Penampahan Galungan.

Sate Lilit

Photo by: perutgendut.com

The last but not the least, Sate Lilit is another Balinese signature food. Usually, Balinese people uses minced pork or fish to make Sate Lilit. Of course Balinese flavours and shredded coconut are added in minced pork or fish before it wrapped on lemongrass or bamboo stick, then grilled. This food is also a main component in other Balinese signature foods. So, it will be easy for you to find this food in other Balinese signature foods.

Well, those are 4 Balinese signature foods that you can try during your travel in Bali island. Keep an eye out for this space as we share with you more on Bali Island soon. We hope you've found this post useful! Do share with your family and friends and your holiday snaps, stories and videos with us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us for a chance to be featured! 

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