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Surf’s Up Packages | Surf, Spa, Yoga, Balinese Cooking Class

Surf’s Up Packages | Surf, Spa, Yoga, Balinese Cooking Class



In collaboration with Surf Up School & Camp Bali, Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa has created a great package to make the most of your holiday in Bali. This package includes; Surf lesson, Spa treatments, Yoga, Brunch, Cooking Class and Dinner. It is a good opportunity for you to create a memorable holiday as well as spending quality time with your loved ones.


Surf lesson:


The day will start with your surf lesson to keep things going. We will pick you up from your hotel or villa and take you to the best surfing spot depending on the swell and wind conditions and your surf level. We promise to make this a fun day with lots of green waves. In a nutshell: beach, surf and sun. 




spa-at-plataran-resort-baliOnce your surf lesson ends, we will take you to Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa, a private sanctuary on a serene location in Canggu. Enjoy a refreshing much needed spa treatment at Padma Spa overlooking the gardens and pool of the sanctuary.  

Every treatment begins with a foot ritual, cleansing the day’s tension away with tea tree and peppermint oils, while grounding you in the calm present and preparing you for the treatment to come. 

Once you are ready to relax, choose one of the three options below and enjoy! 


Balinese Healing Massage: 


An intrinsic part of ancient Balinese culture, Balinese massage was influenced by the islands’ Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, and initially performed by balian (local healers). Cherry picking the best techniques, therapeutic kneading, rolling and pressure point work increases the flow of qi (life energy), stimulating muscles and joints, boosting the circulation, relieving physical and mental stress and initiating a subsequent self-healing. 



An absolute treat for the skin, scrubs gently exfoliate the whole body, smoothing away dead skin cells and stimulating nerve endings, leaving the body positively glowing with energy and health. 


Flower bath: 


A deeply relaxing treatment, clear your mind and relax into a body cocoon, allowing the goodness of the ingredients to penetrate your body through the skin and via aromatherapy. The ultimate time out treatment, you’ll come back to reality feeling physically refreshed and mentally energised… 




By now you should be hungry but not to worry we have already taken care of that. Once you finish your spa treatment, your brunch will be waiting for you. 


Enjoy your brunch and relax overlooking the gardens. There is a variety of options including pancakes, mie goreng (the classic Indonesian fried noodle served with fried egg and vegetables pickle) and coffee or tea and… bon appetit! 




yoga-at-plataran-resort-baliDid you know that surfing and yoga go very well together? Join us to tune in and tune up your energy center for a whole mind-body-health overhaul at Plataran Resort & Spa, a perfect location for meditation and yoga. 


The sanctuary prides itself with a quixotic creek and quaint bridge to connect the sides of which the Balinese people believe to have a strong positive mystical energy. We guarantee you that after your yoga session, you will feel revived and full of energy.



Balinese Cooking class: 


cooking-class-at-plataran-resort-baliAlternatively you might want to try our balinese cooking class. Learn the secrets of Balinese delicacies and local ingredients. The cooking class will give you fascinating insights into Balinese life, beliefs and culture through learning about its foods. You will learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes. 


The class will start with a visit to the market where you will be able to explore local fresh ingredients used in the traditional dishes. Smell the rich scents and discover some of the exotic fruits and vegetables that might not exist in your country. 


We will then take you back to Plataran resort where your chef will show you how to cook in a traditional Balinese stove with a wood burner. Once the dinner is ready, it is time to enjoy it! Bon appetit! 




dinner-at-plataran-resort-baliAt the end of the day, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner at our dining area next to the gardens and the pool. Choose between a variety of dishes from Indonesian typical dishes such as Ayam Kremes Pasundan (chicken in turmeric infused, topped with deep fried desiccated coconut and galangal, served with stir fry water spinach and steamed rice) to more western ones such as roasted pork loin served with mixed vegetables, mashed potato and apple sauce.


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