The Street Food Chef Strikes Again



With such a wide variety of food choices on the island, the options for which restaurants to choose to try may spin one’s head out. Though whether you’re here for a long time and have the freedom to taste test a variety of cuisines, or just for a brief visit and would like to savor some extraordinary specialties, there are a few places hidden around that are a must to try. And one such eatery that well-deserves a venture to in the heart of Ubud is a new-comer to the area’s culinary scene from the reputable Chef Will Meyrick, Hujan Locale


dinner-menu-at-hujan-localeHaving received great praise as some of the absolute best fine dining on the island, Meyrick’s restaurants Sarong and Mama San in Seminyak have become highly-regarded among the toughest of food critics. From his travels across Asia, street-food enthusiast Meyrick has distilled the finest of his discoveries from street cart delicacies and home-cooking kitchens to deliver A-grade fine dining here in Bali. And at Hujan Locale, Meyrick continues his legacy in crafting exceptional Southeast Asian dishes, drawing from traditional recipes and cultural heritages – though with an extra emphasis on local flavors and Hujan’s relationships with the surrounding community. Building relationships with Balinese farms to source the highest quality produce, the food here is as stunningly fresh as it gets – wonderfully tasty and satisfyingly nourishing, second-to-none in terms of quality. Whether you choose something from their “off the boats” seafood menu, a dish to satisfy any meat eater’s cravings, one of the crafty vegetarian or glutenfree options, or even one of the mouth-watering signature cocktails fused from the freshest of organic ingredients from the bar, there’s no question as to whether or not Hujan’s offerings live up to the hype.



desert-menu-at-hujan-localeAlso, if you happen to be venturing to Malaysia anytime soon, you may be interested to check out the newest of the group’s establishment, a sister-location of Mama San in Kuala Lumpur. Expect the strict quality and spectacular taste specialties you love at the Bali location – a fusion of Chinese, Indonesia, Indian, Malay, Singaporean, Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese. Why the sultry name Mama San for a restaurant, some ask? This strict but at times indulgent madam of authority in an Asian gentlemen’s club is a well-known character – who takes care of her girls with affection and practicality. “That’s pretty much how I see myself, I am here keeping the authenticity of the cuisine culture in the restaurants I manage and I do that by learning from women across the region, who are willing to pass on their knowledge,” Meyrick explains.



If you’ve never tried any of Meyrick’s creations before, prepare your taste buds for something truly special. Whether indulging in some of the freshest edible concoctions you can find in Bali at Hujan Locale, at Mama San Kuala Lumpur (or the original Bali location and Sarong), you’re guaranteed to love what’s coming out of the kitchen…




Jl. Sri Wedari 5, Ubud – Bali | 0361 – 849 3092

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