Home Newsletter Introducing Waterbom Bali’s Cool New Website – 15% + 10% Discounts!

Introducing Waterbom Bali’s Cool New Website – 15% + 10% Discounts!

Introducing Waterbom Bali’s Cool New Website – 15% + 10% Discounts!

Asia's Number 1 Waterpark
Waterbom Bali Introduces Cool New Website!
15% + 10% Discount This November To Early December

Waterbom Bali, Asia's number 1 waterpark is delighted to introduce its brand new website!  With a new, smoother, simpler interface, the new website makes it easier for you to not only pre-book tickets online, you could also learn, discover and explore more about the park and its unique features and offerings including ticket pricing, rides and slides, food and beverage, fun and events and one-of-a-kind facts that sets the park apart from any other waterslides in the world and in a league of its own.

To celebrate the launch, Waterbom Bali is offering all its new and loyal fans a 15% discount off all ticket prices AND an additional 10% discount. So check out Waterbom Bali's new website today! It is guaranteed to be the fastest, safest and simplest way for you to book your tickets online. Find out more onTickets & Pricing, Group Bookings and Cashless Payments in a few effortless clicks.

This beautiful new website also lets you easily and seamlessly learn more on the waterpark with sections on Food, World Class Rides, Exclusive Offers – Book Online, Cashless Payment and What's Happening. 

Get your tickets to Asia's Number 1 Waterpark NOW and experience falling down a chute from a 5-storey building at the speed of up to 50 km per hour! There are rides like the Smashdown 2.0 that starts at a staggering 25.9 meters – you’ll experience a rush as you enter a capsule only to have a trap door open from underneath as you bullet your way to the finish point in a matter of seconds! Here's a fun video to give you a peek into all the fun and excitement that is waiting for you.

Waterbom Bali is not just an ordinary waterpark with a few slides and paddling pools; it’s a world-class fun hub filled with some of the industry’s most exciting engineering feat. Nestled on a 3.8 acre of tropical garden in the centre of bustling Kuta, here you’ll find 22 outstanding slides and rides that are built and maintained to strict international safety standards. When ravenous after a day wet day in the sun, indulge at one of the park’s four restaurants and food court, featuring talented and experienced chefs and delightful offerings from across the continents.

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