20 Years of Culinary Excellence

20 Years of Culinary Excellence

To create the most delicious and tantalizing meal, the cook or the Chef need to not only have talent; there are other secret ingredients involved. It is in our humble opinion that passion, love and enthusiasm makes a whole lot of difference when preparing and serving a meal. Believe it or not, when a Chef is happy and contented with all fibres of his or her being, the difference can be tasted in your meal; we know you agree. This is exactly what you will experience when you dine at the Restaurant at The Damai Resort in Kayu Putih, Lovina, in North Bali. Being here in this beautiful and pristine, elegant resort delights every sense in your body – you wouldn’t want to leave. Expand your sensory experience with a meal at the resort’s restaurant that is located on the second floor of the main building. Here in this incredible, romantic and relaxing setting, you will graze on some of the finest Balinese, Indonesian and Western cuisines made from the freshest organic ingredients harvested from the resort’s own farms and meticulously prepared by the resort’s long-time Executive Head Chef, Kartini.

Balinese Chef Kartini hails from the local village of Kayu Putih. She first joined The Damai Resort two decades ago and through hard work, talent, pure grit and passion for delicious food, she climbed the ranks to achieve the coveted status of Executive Head Chef. She’s had a little help along the way with international collaborations with world-renowned and award-winning Chefs. These days, Chef Kartini is working closely with Danish Chef Jakob Mielcke of Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, a luxurious restaurant in the royal gardens of Copenhagen that offers a curious and stylish cabaret of gourmet experiments, contemporary art and elaborate designs set to create a total experience. Combining western techniques and the quintessence of taste from the tables of Europe with the exotic flavours and herbs of Asia and Bali, Chef Kartini has developed her own, very successful taste profile. Returning customers and awards won are testaments to her unique style and flavours which you can discover in the restaurant’s carefully designed menu. Chef Kartini’s limitless creativity and flair can be sampled through her personal take of the island’s signature local dish, the Babi Guling Bali. Here at The Damai, it has been renamed as the Babi Damai, improved and transformed into a succulent and tender fine-dining dish that maintains the very essence of all there is to love about the original Babi Guling Bali. Other selections include traditional North Bali Sate with Minced Pigeon Meat from The Damai’s very own farm, Yellow Fin Tuna with Salt-Baked Pumpkin and Black Rice Pudding; or internationally renowned choices such as the Beef Tournedos or the Langoustine In Wonton.

A trip to The Damai Resort in North Bali will unveil the island’s most wonderful, sparkling secrets and hidden gems. In this pristine resort built to complement nature, you’ll be sequestered within 4 hectares of natural surroundings, with every opportunity to rebalance, heal and unwind.

The Damai Resort | Jl. Damai, Kayu Putih, Lovina, Singaraja Bali | Ph: +62 813 384 377 03 |


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