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Philosophy of Balinese ‘Tri Datu’

Philosophy of Balinese ‘Tri Datu’

Philosophy of Balinese 'Tri Datu'

If you look closely at the Balinese people, you may see that they wearing a unique bracelet with three different colours namely Red, White, and Black. That bracelet is 'Tri Datu' yarn. Balinese people are wearing Tri Datu a form of accessories. But actually, Tri Datu has deeper meaning and philosophy and many Balinese people believe that it contains magic power.

Photo by: Gilda Sagrado

With its colours, Tri Datu is a symbol of three Gods namely Dewa Brahma (Red) The Creator, Dewa Wisnu (Black) The Keeper, and Dewa Siwa (White) The Fuser. Besides that, Tri Datu is also a symbol of Tri Kona (Birth, Life, and Death). By using Tri Datu, Balinese people will remember the greatest of God and value of life.

History of 'Tri Datu' Yarn

Photo by: @widisastrawan9

In the 14th to 15th century, The King of Bali, Dalem Watu Renggong had successfully defeated The King of Nusa, Dalem Bungkut. At that time, there was an agreement between King Dalem Watu Renggong and King Dalem Bungkut. In that agreement, King Dalem Bungkut would give the authority of Nusa and his "friend" (Ratu Gede Mecaling) to King Dalem Watu Renggong. But he asked King Dalem Watu Renggong to protect the Hindu people (Balpeoplepoeple) who are obedient and faithful to God.

Photo by: Lensa Dewata

Those who aren't will be punished by Ratu Gede Mecaling. Before the punishment takes place, the 'Kulkul Pajenengan' (an ancient Balinese tool that produces a very distinct sound) which is now placed in Puri Agung Klungkung, will ring. The Balinese people believe that if the Kulkul Pajenengan makes its sound, this means that a disaster is about to  happen. The Tri Datu meanwhile, will differentiate those who are obedient and faithful to God and those who aren't. 

Photo by: inputbali.com

As time goes by and era changes, nowadays, Tri Datu is used as an identity of the Hindus especially in Bali. The use of Tri Datu yarn is a symbol that Hindus are always protected by God. We hope you've found this post useful! Do share with your family and friends and your holiday snaps, stories and videos with us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us for a chance to be featured! 

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