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Tips for ‘ First Time in Bali ‘

Tips for ‘ First Time in Bali ‘

First Time in Bali?

Everyone is already knew about Bali Island. Yes, we can say like that, because Bali is well-known around the world for its beaches, arts, cultures, traditions, people, and many more. Become the No. 1 Top Destination in the world in Travelers' Choice by TripAdvisor, Bali turns into a fantasy place where you can lay on white sand and enjoy blue glassy water in front of you.

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Of course, you can see the beauty of Bali from photos, video or learn about Bali from article. But will you go to Bali? If yes, you may need some tips for your guidance when you arrived in Bali at the first time. Here are some tips for you in order to make your holiday in Bali become memorable.

Time to Go

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Actually, whenever you go, it's always a good time to visit Bali Island. Why? Because Bali has so many destinations to visit. From the beaches, hills, mountains, museums, and others. But, for you who wants to go to the beach, we suggest you to come to Bali when it is not a rainy season and not a peak season, since the beach will be full with tourist in peak season.

Place to Stay

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Usually, people who came to Bali for holiday are tended to stay in South Bali, because there so many attractions and entertainments there. Other places to stay in Bali is near the airport such as Kuta and Legian. These areas also become a choice to stay, since their strategic place to Kuta Beach, Seminyak, Legian Beach, and so on. You can ask your taxi driver or your Balinese friend, if you have, to recommend some hotels to stay.

If you have more budgets to stay, and want to stay in a calm ambience, we recommend you to go to Ubud or Seminyak for stay. There so many priavte villas in Seminyak, and Ubud is a perfect escape to nature.

Transportation in Bali

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Bali is well-known with its public trasnport called 'Bemo'. Same with Taxi, but Bemo is cheaper than Taxi. You can also asked the driver for suggestion about where is the good attraction, destination, beach, and entertainment in Bali. But if you want to go freely, we suggest you to rent a motorbike that will be useful for you to get out from traffic jam in Bali. You may lost, but your journey will be more interesting.

Place for Meal

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One of the best place to eat is in Jimbaran Beach. It's very famous with its delicious seafood menus, beautiful art of sun-downing and a good spot to have a dinner with your beloved one. But, you need to be careful when you are trying foods in Bali. Some people are not suitable with particular Balinese foods. So, make sure that you eat a good and hygiene food.

Learn More About Bali

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'Dos and Don'ts' is needed to be considered when you in Bali. A perfect way to know more about Bali is by asking local people. Don't be afraid to ask, they will help you to know more about Bali, give you a ride when you get lost, or invites you to experience a truly feeling of Balinese.

Well, those are some tips for you who wants to visit Bali Island. We hope you've found this post useful! Do share with your family and friends and your holiday snaps, stories and videos with us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us for a chance to be featured! 

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