Baking Empire is unlike any other commercial bakeries available in the market today. The Taiwanese founders, along with two Taiwanese Master Chefs who are assisted by several Assistant Bakers, all share the same value and passion when it comes to baked goods – to bring you deliciously authentic pastries, cakes, bread and buns at affordable prices using only the purest and freshest ingredients.

Baking Empire guarantees that all its products are free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, colouring, flavouring, transfat and shortening. Everything is made using homemade fruit yeast, natural butter imported from France and New Zealand, real cheese, real milk, real chocolates and real fruits and plants. This means that Baking Empire’s products are friendly and suitable for all ages, including small children. Ingredients used here are homemade, as opposed to commercial store brought brands; even their Natural Fruit Yeast is grown and bred in-store! All of these efforts are undertaken to enhance flavour and quality for great health benefits.  Behind the scenes, Baking Empire uses only state-of-the-art baking equipment to ensure consistency and quality while creating results that are difficult to achieve with normal conventional ovens. Setting such high standards and excellent hygiene requirements with advanced equipment produces bread and pastries in big volumes without compromising on taste or quality.

So now that you understand the workings behind Baking Empire, it is time to enjoy! Specialties here include the Obao, a French-Japanese fusion type bread created for picky Asian bread lovers which contain far less sugar and oil and comes with the perfect soft and moist texture.  The Obao can only be made with cultured natural fruit yeast. It is an extremely healthy choice and therefore, the fastest growing trend in countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. There are 7 different flavours offered at Baking Empire, including the Carmen Bell, made with Cheese, Cranberry and Whole Wheat; Matcha Red Bean, made with Cream Cheese and Red Bean Matcha; Cranberry Walnut; Omega Plus with Walnut and Flaxseed; Meat Lover with Cheese, Chicken Sausage and Smoked Chicken; the Japan Cheese Dome with Cheddar Cheese; and the Balakase, with Chicken, Cheese and Garlic Butter. Natural Fruit Yeast is the secret ingredient to these tantalizing Obaos, as it is what makes the buns rise and lends an authentic fruity flavour.

Croissants are another favourite; a good Croissant is often an index of a good bakery.  The bakers at Baking Empire craft the perfect Croissant using imported French butter for the most authentic taste and texture. Meanwhile, the Sweet Buns at Baking Empire are extremely popular, featuring many different flavours, combination and ingredients and its European Bread is made from a recipe created by an award-winning Master Chef. Baking Empire cultures its own “Levain” dough for the perfect European Bread featuring a crunchy crust and sourdough. You will not be disappointed! Cake and pastries lovers will find luxurious and tantalizing selections here at affordable prices. Go ahead and treat yourself to a slice or order in advance for birthdays, weddings, souvenirs, gifts, and more.

Baking Empire

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No. 8, Denpasar Bali | Ph: +62 811 3922 345

Jl. Cokroaminoto No.460B, Ubung Denpasar Bali | Ph: +62 812 467 788 98

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