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The Perfect Gift by Atlas Pearls: Balinese Blessing Bracelet

The Perfect Gift by Atlas Pearls: Balinese Blessing Bracelet

The Perfect Gift by Atlas Pearls
Balinese Blessing Bracelet with Mother of Pearl

The perfect Christmas gift, welcome gift and party favour, the Balinese Blessing Bracelet with Mother of Pearl by Atlas Pearls is available in a set of two or as a single bracelet.  These bracelets are inspired by the Hindu Tridatu bracelets worn by the Balinese, but they are braided threads without any religious connotation.

This charmingly simple yet impeccable, Atlas Pearls' Mother of Pearl Blessing Bracelet perfectly epitomizes true love and beauty, the uniqueness of the island of Bali, and the culture of the Balinese people.

Properties of Mother of Pearls are said to attract prosperity, health and peace of mind to name a few.  Traditionally part of the ‘spice trade’ years between Indonesia and Europe, these shells were a favorite for buttons in Europe and were traded in large quantities up until the age of industrialization.  

When you purchase a Balinese Blessing Bracelet with Mother of Pearl by Atlas Pearls, you will also be indirectly supporting the Atlas Pearls CSR program that supports the women of North Bali, many of whom are working hard in the Atlas Pearls farms to polish the Mother of Pearls shells. These bracelets represent the community that live and thrive off each Atlas Pearls programs and farms throughout the archipelago.

The South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearls; they are the biggest with the most extraordinary shine. They are 10% of the volume of pearls traded worldwide while they are worth 50% in value.

Internationally recognized as the world's most beautiful and sought-after pearls, Atlas Pearls produces nature's most coveted gems at its pearl farms throughout Indonesia to produce sustainably farmed pearls which are then turned into some of the world's most luxurious jewellery items, accessories and souvenirs which are sold at Place Vendome in Paris, New York, London and the world’s greatest jewellers.

In addition to producing immaculate pearls, Atlas Pearls is also strongly committed to the communities that it is involved in where it has played major roles in education, environment and community wellness to elevate and improve quality of life. 

The company has made positive impacts with various CSR initiatives such as planting and growing mangrove trees, distribution of educational books under the banner of "Mutiara Book", sponsoring schooling fees and other school-related activities.

While Atlas Pearls prides itself in helping nature create the perfect gems, every day Atlas Pearls makes a huge difference to 3000 local families across the Indonesian Archipelago via these very programs.

To take home the South Sea Pearls, a luxury souvenir from Bali and Indonesia, nature's treasure from the sea, simply visit the Seminyak urban store of Atlas Pearls, Jl. Raya Seminyak no.73, Seminyak.

Atlas Pearls can also be purchased at a private showing at your hotel, private in-villa shopping, with just a phone call to the store. Simply request for ‘The Treasure Bag’ of Atlas Pearls, and the pearls will come to you!

For bookings and inquiries, please contact Atlas Pearls at  [email protected] or call +62 361 732 769.

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