Starting this April, Bali will have free Wi-Fi access throughout the island as stated by the Bali Governor, Wayan Koster, on Tuesday (4/9) in Denpasar. The launching ceremony will be opened today on Wednesday (4/10) at Dauh Waru Village in Jembrana, and is expected to be attended by hundreds of the local people.

“With this free Wi-Fi access, I hope that it can be used properly for improvement in Economy, Tourism, to strengthen the culture, Health, and Education in accordance with the local potency and global insights that we have,” said Koster in Denpasar.

This becomes the first step for Bali to become “Smart City” by improvement in the information technology. It is the governor’s hope that the free internet access can reach out all communities in Bali, from villages, tourist destinations, health centres, and schools so that it can embark creativities and innovations amongst people in the island.

According to Nyoman Sujaya, the chief of Bali Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency, the free Wi-Fi hotspots area will be available at 311 points. The Wi-Fi installations will be carried out in stages, and around 4,157 hotspots is expected to be installed throughout Bali by 2020.

In 2019, Bali Regional Government has targeted 1,825 hotspots. Amongst the 107 hotspots will be installed in health centre, 203 hotspots in tourism objects, 132 hotspots in schools, and 12 hotspots will be located in public area.



Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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