Thousands of passengers were stranded in Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport yesterday on April 10th. it is reported that IT glitch has caused a major breakdown in the airport’s system, resulting a big delay in the immigration point.

The system was running smoothly before a power outage was suddenly occurred and had caused the system went failure for around 2 hours. Many passengers were stranded for more than 3 hours at the immigration point. They couldn’t get through the security and immigration.

Since the system went down, the tourists who had just landed in Bali had to be held in the immigration point. As a result, many of their pick up drivers were flooded the first floor of Ngurah Rai’s International Terminal. While on the other hand, a different view was seen throughout the following area of the immigration point, which is at the International check point. In the shopping area venue, the crowd was seen a lot lighter than inside the immigration check point.



Photo courtesy by IDNTimes/Ayu Wulandari

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