The tourist destination Goa Lawah or literally translated as ‘Bat Cave’ in Klungkung sees increase of tourist visits this April compares to last month. The majority are from Russia. According to Putu Arianta, one of the tour guides in Goa Lawah, tourists are excited to witness the ceremonial activities of the local Baliness people in the Goa Lawah temple.

The Chief of Tourism Agency in Goa Lawah, Putu Juliadi, also confirmed the increasing of tourist visitations this April 2019.

“Compare to last month, we see an increasing in the tourist visations this April. The visitation is dominated by Russian tourists. While in July, the tourist visitations to Goa Lawah will be dominated by the East European tourists such as Germans,” said Putu.

If the visitations keep increasing, the total tourist visitations to Goa Lawah Temple is expected to reach between 150 to 200 tourists per day. The number will still keep increasing by more than 300 tourists during peak season. Putu also added that April usually begins the increasing trend until July which will mark the peak season.



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