The legalization of Arak— Bali’s traditional alcoholic beverages, is believed will thrive the economy in Bali since many demands comes from international market for tourism consumptions. Until this day, the manufacturing and distribution processes of Arak Bali is still banned and under the law of Presidential Decree No. 39 Year 2014, which is what Perusda Bali (Bali’s Regional Owned Companies) asked for a change.

Recently on May 8th, Perusda Bali has undergone a negotiation with the Ministry of Economic Coordinator Republic of Indonesia in discussing the possibility in revising the law.

“We definitely hope that Arak Bali, which is part of Bali’ local heritage, can be a traditional alcoholic beverage which is legally permitted and distributed,” as stated by the Head of Supervisory Board of Perusda Bali, Ida Bagus Kesawa Narayana, to Balipost.

He also added that the legalization over Arak Bali and its good management over manufacturing and distribution processes can create a good economic impact for the traditional refineries. As an “Agent of The New Era of Bali’s Development”, Perusda Bali also has created a compatible business model in managing the traditional alcoholic beverages in Bali by creating partnership with the local and traditional refineries. Perusda Bali will facilitate in distributing the local beverages to hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Bali. In the future, along with a good assessment in quality and standard, Bali’s traditional alcoholic beverages can also compete with other imported alcoholic beverages.

Source: Balipost

Photo by Đoàn Ngọc Thành on Unsplash

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