Around more than 50 top surfers from all around the world are heating up the Keramas Beach at Gianyar, Bali for this year’s World Surf League Championship Tour from 13th to 25th of May 2019. This prestigious world’s surfing competition has started since 13th of May, featuring both male and female world’s class surfers.

This year’s World Surf League “Corona Bali Protected” offers many surprises and come backs from all the surfers who competed in. Indonesian young surfer, Rio Waida, has caught the attentions as he showed an amazing skill during his Heat 6 in the seeding round, managed to score enough to edge out the Brazilian two-time surfing world champion, Gabriel Medina. The event also brought back the Brazilian Tour vet female, Silvana Lima, from her 2018 injury and drew a stunning performance during the competitive Elimination Round on Day 2.

Until today, the competition has completed 6 Heats of Seeding Round, 2 Heats of Elimination Round, and 8 Heats of Round of 16. The next call will be the 4 Heats Quarterfinals at May 18th 2019 from 6.25 am SGT.

The Corona Bali Protected will be broadcast live on the WSL official website.


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