Kepaon Village, A Moslem Community Between The Balinese’s Hindus

The people in this beautiful little island are mostly Hindu, but here, between the island’s thousands of temples, some Muslim community also live side by side in harmony with the local Balinese people. Amongst these, a small community of Kepaon Village is the oldest Moslem community which has settled in Pemogan, Denpasar.

The history dates back to the year around 1326 H, when Islamic entered Bali during the reign of a small kingdom of Pemecutan in Denpasar. Up until now, the people in Kepaon Village still maintain their good relationship with Puri Pemecutan in Denpasar which can be seen from their participation in attending religious ceremonies held by the Puri.

Around 6000 Moslem individuals are settled in Kepaon Village which traditions are also blended with the local Balinese culture such as breaking the fast in Balinese Megibung style during this Ramadhan season. Children, elders, men, and women are gathering at Al Muhajirin Islamic Mosque every the 10th, 20th, and 30th day of Ramadhan and sharing their meal together which is served on a big plate just like other Balinese during Megibung tradition.


Photo by @naklingsir on Twitter

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