A French Guy Found Dead in Seminyak, Kuta Police: “Suicide”

A man was found dead on Saturday, (5/18) after jumping from an unfinished four-storey building at Sunset Road, Seminyak. The man is identified as Borneo Lionel Stephane, a 45-year-old French tourist.

By the time of the incident occurred, a screaming was heard coming from across the road on the east side of the building as told by the witness, Johanes Paulus Dohol. It later discovered that the scream was from an online taxi bike rider who witnessed the horrofic incident as Stephane proceeding to jump from the abandoned four-storey building. The rider then told Dohol, so they both ran to the scene and found nothing more than an unconscious Stephane– faced-down and presumably already been dead at that time.

According to the report by Radar Bali, the Chief of Kuta Police, Teuku Ricki Fandlianshah, has confirmed the death of the French tourist as suicide. The body has been taken to the morgue of the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar for forensic examination.


Source: radarbali.jawapos.com

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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