Another case of an armed robbery has been reported in North Kuta on Sunday, June 9th 2019. The robbery happened on midnight in a small store near Kerobokan area in North Kuta. The surveillance video shows the suspect was carrying firearms and threatening the store’s two female employees who was happened to be on a night shift during the incident.

According to the report from Tribun Bali, shortly prior to the incident, the suspect who wore a black jacket and a helmet was seen pacing in front of the store as stated by one of the minimarket employees, Ni Komang Santi (20). It was then the suspect finally entered the store and asked both of the employees to hand over all the money inside the cashier drawer while pointing the gun at them.

Feeling terrified, both girls handed over all the money inside the drawer until then the suspect ran away with all the money. There have been no major injuries reported, however, the store losses about IDR 2,300,000 sums of money.

The incident has been confirmed by the Chief of North Kuta sectoral police, I Dewa Putu Gede Anom. He also further stated that the case is still under investigation of the authorities.



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