Jokowi will be expected to attend the opening ceremony of the island’s annual Bali Arts Festival this Saturday, June 15th at Ardha Candra Open Theater in Denpasar on 8 pm local time, Detik News reports. The president is set to officially launch this annual tourism agenda.

During the press conference held in Wiswa Sabha Utama, Denpasar on Monday (6/10), the Bali Governor I Wayan Koster further stated that Jokowi will also release the cultural parade on the same day at 2 pm in the afternoon. Koster also added that the first lady, Iriana Jokowi, will also attend the ceremonial event alongside with other Mr. President’s family members.

This highly anticipated annual event will be scheduled to be held on June 15th, 2019 until July 13th, 2019. This year, the festival promotes the theme “Bayu Pramana: Memuliakan Sumber Daya Angin” which means “Bayu Pramana, to glorify the Wind Energy as Natural Sources”. This full-month length annual arts celebration showcases various of arts and cultural exhibitions and performances from the local artists throughout Bali and also international artists from 11 different countries including US, Japan, China, Korea, and many more.

This year’s Bali Arts Festival is also going to be plastic-free, following the recent 2018’s gubernatorial regulation in banning all single-use plastics including plastic bags, Styrofoam materials, and plastic straws. All ornaments in the event are made from organic materials, such as bamboo, coconut leaf, and various of fresh flowers.



Image Source: Trip Trus


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