American tourist has been reportedly missing in Nusa Lembongan Waters on Monday, June 17 2019, Tribun Bali says. The victim is identified as Aviv Meshil, a 23-year old young man who vanished after canoeing towards the big waves in Tanjung Sanghyang waters or commonly known as Mushroom Beach, situated in Lembongan village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung. The canoe was rented from the local boat rental near the area at the beach.

The victim has ignored all warnings from the local residents prior to the incident. I Kadek Suika, the witness, has been shouting at Aviv for a tremendous of time, warning him about the wave condition that reached 3 meters high and asking him to be back immediately. Kadek with his friend, Made Widiana, then later approaching the victim with a speed boat, but still getting ignored by Aviv who kept rowing his canoe to the open sea.

A joint operation, consisting of the National SAR Agency from Denpasar together with personnel from Bali’s Water Police and Candidasa’s naval force has been carried out to search for the signs of the missing tourist around the island of Lembongan since the following Tuesday morning.

The authorities from Klungkung sectorial police, AKP Gede Putu Ardana to Tribun Bali confirmed the incident on Tuesday (6/18/2019). Until now, the body of the 23-year old American tourist has not yet been found.



Photo by Jong Marshes on Unsplash

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