Agoda has recently releases its list featuring the favourite summer holiday destinations for European travellers. As one of the world’s fastest growing online travel booking platforms, Agoda reveals that Bali holds the spot in the top ten destinations for Summer vacation.

As cited from Agoda, Bali takes the spot at number 2 as the most favourite summer holiday destinations amongst the visitors from the European continent, even though not a single holiday destination from Indonesia was nominated on the list last year. Other top holiday destinations also include London, Bangkok, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Pattaya, and Rome.

Bali has always been a favourite holiday destination for travellers across the continent. Some of the well-known tourist spot in Bali includes Kuta beach, Nusa Penida island, Padang-Padang beach, to Tanah Lot temple.

In addition to the list, Agoda also releases their top ten summer holiday destinations for travellers from Asia Pacific where Bali placed at number 6, below Tokyo, Okinawa, Osaka, Bangkok, and Sapporo, and others are from Kyoto, Fukuoka, Seoul, and Taipe.


Photo by Elements Envato

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