Japanese Musicians Joins In Bali Arts Festival, Presenting Collaborative Cultural Performance

Thirteen musicians from Tokyo Shitamachi Okinawa Sanshin, Japan has recently performed Japanese’s Traditional songs in front of the visitors of Bali Arts Festival (PKB) XLI on Thursday (6/20/2019) at Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, Denpasar. They were all dressed in traditional Japanese Kimonos and played the “three-stringed” traditional Japanese musical instrument– the traditional musical instruments from Okinawa.

In their performance, the group presented Japanese traditional songs also with Balinese traditional gamelan musical instruments which was delivered by Sanggar Seni Kembang Waru Denpasar. Some are Agaroza song which was delivered in Sanshin with Balinese Rindik, Sanshin and Gamelan Gender Rambat in the song “Tsukunukaisha”, and Sanshin and Gamelan Samara Pegulingan in the song “Shindensa”.

The General Consulate of Japan in Bali also attended the event and delivered his welcoming speech. This collaborative performance is expected to bring a stronger bilateral relationship between both Japan and Indonesia, especially to Bali.

According to the Head of Sanggar Seni Kembang Waru Denpasar, I Ketut Raditha to Balipost.com, the character between both musical instruments is different, especially in their tempo. However, through a 3 month join practices, they were able to present the performance perfectly in front of the audiences at this year’s Bali Arts Festival.

Article source and photos from www.balipost.com

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