Explore The Highest Point In Bali
With The Statue Tour
At GWK Cultural Park

Your vacation to Bali will not be complete without a visit to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park. This iconic tourist destination was officiated in September 2018 and is home to a 120.9-meter-tall and 64-meter-wide masterpiece, the creation of a Balinese maestro, I Nyoman Nuarta. The GWK statue is the 4th largest statue in the world and depicts the philosophical God Vishnu riding a Garuda bird which serves as a symbol of loyalty, strength and responsibility.

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is located within the GWK Cultural Park which sprawls across 60-hectares. In addition to visiting the park, you could also take a separate tour of the grand statue itself. This one-of-a-kind activity will allow you access to the island’s tallest point as you enjoy a panoramic view of Bali for miles around and learn all about the creation and the philosophy behind the statue.

Before heading to the statue area, you’ll have to purchase an entrance ticket for Rp. 125,000 per adult. Thereafter, you could walk to the statue and see all the sights along the way or use the GWK Statue Shuttle Service for Rp. 30,000 per person which will take you directly to the base of the statue.

Tickets for the GWK Statue Tour are available for Rp. 200,000 per person, which you can buy at the Ground Floor of the statue. The 45-minute tour starts at the ground floor – you are required to use protective shoes and follow directions from the tour guide at all times. On the 9th floor, you’ll learn all about the legend and history of the statue and on the 23rd floor, you’ll learn all about the process behind the making of the statue. This will be explained to you in detail including sketches, module pieces, installation and related studies. From the 23rd floor at an altitude of 88 meters above the ground, you’ll get to be one of the lucky few to see all of Bali from such an astounding height.

Before you sign up for the statue tour, please be aware of the following:

There are several conditions that tour participants must adhere to for safety in tall buildings. This tour is not permitted for the elderly, pregnant women, children under 12 years old and wheelchair users. During the tour the participants are forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, carry luggage or anything that are deemed flammable or explosive.

For more information about Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue Tour, please send your inquiry toinfo@gwkbali.com.

GWK Cultural Park
Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, Kuta Selatan
Badung 80364, Bali-Indonesia
+62 (361) 700 808
info@gwkbali.com | www.gwkbali.com


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