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Signature Treatments at DaLa Spa | Alaya Resort Kuta

Signature Treatments at DaLa Spa | Alaya Resort Kuta

DaLa in ancient Sanskrit means leaf. As a child of Mother Nature, the leaf is a symbol of the eternal cycle of life and man’s quest for vitality. A leaf is a source of nutrition, provides shelter and has extraordinary nurturing qualities.

DaLa Spa has been designed as an opulent wellness facility where personal indulgence takes on a whole new meaning.  A choice of 6 treatments rooms is available, each one named after an exotic flower and taking on a different colour interior and ambience. By setting a mood through the use of lighting and essential oils, DaLa Spa prepares clients for a personalized experience that evokes the senses. Dala Spa offers an array of Age-old Indonesian ritual inspired spa packages that caters to couples, children, and spa connoisseur. 

Using only the purest natural ingredients, our therapists have been trained to deliver exceptionally high quality services with a sensitivity for clients’ needs that comes from the heart.

DaLa Spa has created several signature treatments, which not only pampers and rejuvenates but provides its clients with unique cultural experience. The Potpourri Spa treatment is based on the beauty traditions of the Indonesian and Malay cultures. It begins with a betel nut foot ritual followed with aBalinese Massage with a ritual sprinkling of fresh flower petals to generate positive energy. The cananga infused coconut body scrub will leave the body silky smooth. A lavish potpourri bath concludes the treatment.  

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