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All About The Cheese at Baking Empire

All About The Cheese at Baking Empire

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No.8, Denpasar Bali | Ph: +62 811-3922- 345 | www.facebook.com/Glorybakingempire

Baking Empire, a brand spanking new bakery featuring healthy, homemade and Taiwan-inspired bread, biscuits and cakes invites you to try its sumptuous and mouthwatering Volcanic Cheesecake and Cotton Cheesecake that will be sure to satisfy your insatiable craving for cheese. 

Interesting fact: 84 slices of real Cheddar Cheese goes into the making of one Volcanic Cheesecake! Also, all of the delicious selections at Baking Empire were made using homemade fruit yeast, real butter, real cheese, real milk, real chocolates and real fruits and plants, without flavouring, shortening, transfat or colouring.

Now, in lieu of the upcoming Idul Fitri celebrations, Baking Empire is offering you a special price of onlyIDR 100,000 to take home both the Volcanic Cheesecake and the Cotton Cheese Cake! Its topmost popular products, these cakes have received glorious reviews from numerous foodies and bloggers all over Indonesia. We suggest you grab them fast, as orders are limited and are often sold out. 

Find out more here or Whatsapp WA: +62 811 3922 345. Also, do check out their Instagram@baking.empire. 

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