In the beginning year of 2019, the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, has issued a new regulation that will oblige all hotels, restaurants, and supermarket in Bali to use and sell local agricultural and fishery products. The obligation is stated in the new Bali Gubernatorial Regulaion No. 99/2018 that was enacted on Dec 28 2018.

According to the new regulation, all hotels along with restaurants, supermarkets, and catering service are oblige at least 30 percent in their used of daily agricultural, livestock, and fishery products are come from the locals. Hotels also stipulate to have their 10 percent of meat processing bought from the local farmers. While supermarkets are told to sell local agricultural and fishery products for at least 60 percent.

Aside from the obligation to go locals, hotels and restaurants are also told to create partnerships with the local farmers, enterprises, and companies in a certain percentage of price that has been settled by the regional government and so as the payment method.

According to Koster, he said that the regulation is a good gift for local farmers and fishermen in Bali for it will generate a positive and lasting impact on the prosperity of the local community.

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