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The Pearl Farm In Raja Ampat

Photographer: Sylvain Brun, Hatchery Specialist

In the Bird’s Head peninsula of West Papua in Indonesia, a cluster of islands called Raja Ampat is slowly rising to fame as one of the best diving spots in the world, thanks to its pristine and biodiverse marine environment filled with colourful tropical fish visible to the naked eye from above the water.

According to Lonely Planet, Raja Ampat is the ultimate tropical paradise and one of South East Asia’s most beautiful archipelagos while the Conde Nast Traveller declares Raja Ampat the world’s most beautiful islands and the Amazon of the world’s reefs. While it remains a dream for many, those who have travelled far and wide to get to Indonesia’s most elusive and breathtaking location says that it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the world’s most mesmerizing locations.

Photographer: Sylvain Brun, Hatchery Specialist

Also located here in Raja Ampat is an Atlas Pearls pearl farm where some of the world’s most beautiful and sought-after South Sea Pearls are produced and cultivated. Atlas South Sea pearls are harvested from fivepearl farms extending through the Indonesian Archipelago to Raja Ampat. To reach their maximum potential, South Sea pearls require the truly pristine environment of remote areas such as the Indonesian Archipelago. Each pearl reflects the very state of the water and the environment in which they are grown.

The South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearls; they are the biggest with the most extraordinary shine. They are 10% of the volume of pearls traded worldwide while they are worth 50% in value.

Atlas Pearls produces nature’s most coveted gems at its pearl farms throughout Indonesia, including here in Alyui Bay in Raja Ampat  to produce sustainably farmed pearls which are then turned into some of the world’s most luxurious jewellery items, accessories and souvenirs which are sold at Place Vendome in Paris, New York, London and the world’s greatest jewellers.

Boats travelling by Raja Ampat’s Alyui Bay could revel in Atlas Pearls’s Treasure Chest; a delightful collection of jewellery and loose pearls that are freshly harvested; incredible to see before anyone else discovers them. The Treasure Chest will be brought onboard your ship. Simply contact Atlas Pearls beforehand and a farm attendant will make all the necessary arrangements. Atlas Pearls prides itself on helping nature create the perfect gems, the South Sea Pearls of Indonesia while caring for your pearls from the breeding of oysters at its North Bali farm, the farms of Raja Ampat,  Labuan Bajo and Alor, Lembata where oysters meticulously make the pearls, to the necklaces, rings and earrings sold at Place Vendome in Paris, New York, London and the world’s greatest jewellers.

South Sea Pearls In Indonesia

South Sea pearls have a legacy that stretches back thousands of years to the time when the first people of the Indonesian archipelago and Australia used oyster shells and their pearls as decorative elements and as trade items. Although the Indonesian archipelago was not a leading world source of natural pearls in antiquity as it is today, it has been an important nexus of world trade for at least 1,400 years, and pearls have played a small but significant role in the glory of the great maritime kingdoms of Indonesia’s past

In addition to producing immaculate pearls, Atlas Pearls is also strongly committed to the communities that it is involved in where it has played major roles in education, environment and community wellness to elevate and improve quality of life.

The company has made positive impacts with various CSR initiatives such as planting and growing mangrove trees, distribution of educational books under the banner of “Mutiara Book”, sponsoring schooling fees and other school-related activities.

While Atlas Pearls prides itself in helping nature create the perfect gems, every day Atlas Pearls makes a huge difference to 3000 local families across the Indonesian Archipelago via these very programs.

To take home the South Sea Pearls, a luxury souvenir from Bali, Flores and Raja Ampat Indonesia, nature’s treasure from the sea, simply visit the Seminyak urban store of Atlas Pearls, Jl. Raya Seminyak no.73, Seminyak or visit the pearl farms that are located throughout Indonesia to bring home your perfect pearl.

Atlas Pearls can also be purchased at a private showing at your hotel, private in-villa shopping, with just a phone call to the store. Simply request for ‘The Treasure Bag’ of Atlas Pearls, and the pearls will come to you!

For bookings and inquiries, please contact Atlas Pearls at or call +62 361 732 769.

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