Ni Made Serli (20), a Balinese university student, was found dead at her boarding house in Banyuasri village, Singaraja on Thursday (4/11). Her body was discovered by her friends after they became worried since Serli had been absent from class and couldn’t be reached for days. The initial reports from the police revealed that the girl had been dead for two days when she was first discovered.

The body was then taken to Sanglah hospital for further autopsy to identified the cause of her dead. According to the report, the victim was allegedly strangled to death.

“The cause of the death was due to airway suppression causing the body to run out of oxygen,” said Dr. Dudut Rustyadi, the Head of Sanglah Hospital Forensics.

Within just 3 hours after her body was found, Singaraja Police had arrested the perpetrator, KIJ (21) who was the boyfriend of the girl. To the police, KIJ stated that he allegedly murdered his 20-year old girlfriend because of his jealousy since the victim had many male friends. Because of his crime, KIJ could face up to 15 years in jail.



Photo courtesy of Facebook/Ni Made Ayu Serli Mahardika

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