Bali’s most celebrated Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tei has recently rebranded its outlet in Sunset Road to Sushi Kyuden. After 11 years of fantastic service, irreplaceable memories and mouthwatering Japanese classics with a twist, today Sushi Kyuden continues to please new and returning customers with everything that makes it so popular and so loved. Despite the rebranding, customers will still find the same fresh and delicious selections in the restaurant’s extensive menu, along with that signature stellar service and amazing ambience at its outlet in Sunset Road.

Sushi Kyuden continues to remain innovative. The brand has added special twists and touches to some of its most popular dishes to make them truly its own. Through the use of unusual and popular ingredients, these dishes, which never fail to keep customers coming back for more will have a unique, local slant which suits customers’ demands. First to receive a “makeover” is the ever-popular Aburi Salmon Roll. A platter comes with eight tantalizing and juicy rolls, perfectly made by Sushi Kyuden’s expert chefs. Each comes with Fresh Crab Sticks, Japanese Omelette also known as Tamagoyaki, Soft Shell Crab and topped with Aburi – which means half broiled – Salmon and Tuna Floss. Dip them in some soy sauce and wasabi and let the enticing flavours wash over your palate.

Another top favourite is the Salmon Enoki Tempura Roll. Enoki, an edible Japanese mushroom with slender stems and small caps are brought together in a perfectly formed roll containing Spicy Tempura Salmon. Fried in batter and seasoning, the Tempura Salmon adds a satisfying crunch, and can be further emphasized with a dash of chilli powder or wasabi and a touch of soya sauce. The third most-ordered dish is a favourite with deep sea fish lovers – the Salmon Oyako Roll is mouthwatering omega goodness made with fresh salmon from the seas. Oyako here refers to the Salmon, which is baked and then topped with Salmon Slice and Salmon Roe.

These three bestsellers are available at Sushi Kyuden in Sunset Road along with a plethora of other Japanese favourites including Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura in its ever-expanding menu.

The name “Sushi Kyuden” was carefully selected in high consideration to satisfy all the expectations of its loyal customers. Kyuden means “palace” and is open every day for lunch and dinner. The entire restaurant is available for Private Bookings and fun activities like Private Cooking Classes for large groups.


Sushi Kyuden

Jl. Sunset Road No. 99, Kuta Bali | Ph: +62 361 849 6495/6

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