Private Tour of Nusa Penida’s Most Instagrammable & Iconic Locations

Who hasn’t heard of Nusa Penida? One of Bali’s three sister islands has raised inexplicably to fame thanks to social media, where the world can now enjoy glimpses of its breathtaking and unbelievably beautiful landscapes and vistas. Located just 28 km east of Sanur, Nusa Penida is the largest of the three sister islands, followed by Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Some of the more popular spots in Nusa Penida are now the top most viewed on Instagram, places such as Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay, Diamond Beach and Angel’s Billabong. On this private tour, we’ll take you to see all of these magical spots at your own leisure. In addition to all this, Nusa Penida also has a wonderful underwater world which you can explore either by diving or snorkeling. Get ready to blow up your Instagram feed; this is going to be one of the most epic tours you’ve ever been on.

Crystal Bay

This is one of the most popular beaches in Nusa Penida – it’s one of the very few beaches that faces west, which provides amazing and awe-inspiring views during sunset. Crystal Bay is also relatively easy to access. The road leading to it is well-paved and weaves through charming groves of tall, swaying coconut trees. Once there, you can relax with a drink on one of the many beanbags or sunbeds that are available for rent. Lovers of the underwater world can go snorkeling here – just swim out a few meters and you’re on top of a thriving coral reef filled with beautiful underwater creatures. Remember not to touch any of them or throw anything out into the sea!

Angel’s Billabong

A spectacular rock pool and natural rock formation with amazing views of the sea, Angel’s Billabong is great for a swim or a soak, but only during low tide. Be sure to check the tide charts before you set out. We recommend coming here early in the morning if you want to have the entire space to yourself before the crowds arrive. When you’re done at Angel’s Billabong, you can walk around the corner to Broken Beach – take the hill along the coastline to your right, and look down – you just might see schools of giant manta rays swimming about!

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Kelingking Beach

We’re sure that you’ve seen hundreds of photos of this beach on Instagram! It’s probably Nusa Penida’s most iconic venue. Kelingking Beach is named after the smallest finger, due to its unique shape and some have also likened its shape to the T-Rex dinosaur. This is a definite must-visit especially for the adventurous. The view from above is unmatched, with a beautiful hidden beach below, framed by towering, steep cliffs, deep turquoise blue waters further embraced by powdery white sands. It is located 30 minutes by motorbike from the harbour. Be careful while heading there, the roads are set on the cliff’s edge and there are no railings along most areas.

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Diamond Beach

This was once an inaccessible beach until the locals carved some steps into the cliffs which lead down to the beach below. You’ll enjoy amazing views from above and while the stairs may look a little too challenging for some, the walk down isn’t actually that strenuous. The views will get better and better as you get closer to the beach, where you can relax on soft white sands and surrounded by towering cliffs. It’s really quite the sensation! The waves here are quite strong, so unless you’re a strong swimmer, it is better to stay on the sand. In the shallows, there is a diamond-shaped rock, from which the beach is named. Diamond Beach is also conveniently located next to Atuh Beach, another must-visit here on Penida.

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Atuh Beach

This beach is famous for the dinosaur-shaped archway that brave adventurers can actually swim out to, climb on and then jump off! Proceed with caution though, and always check how deep the water is before you attempt to propel yourself off the rocks.

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