The diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia have been reached for establishing friendship relations at provincial levels, including between Yunnan and Bali. The relations between the two provinces had long been established since 2003.

This well-established friendship received a positive attention by the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Province, Mr. Li Pei during his meeting with the Vice Governor of Bali, Tjok Ace, on Monday (5/13). He also stated his plan in collaborating together with Bali in economic and tourism sector through series of China’s annual South Expo, a plan in developing a new direct flight from Yunnan to Bali, and innovations in technology to accommodate all tourists needs.

The Vice Governor of Bali, Tjok Ace, also showed his supports towards the upcoming China South Expo. He expressed that this event can be a good way for entrepreneurs in Bali to share more information about their businesses to the people in China. Tjok Ace also added that the relations between both provinces can also be done, not only in tourism, but also in the cultural sector. He also expected that tourists would also enjoy and explore more about the traditional Balinese culture through the annual Bali Art Festival which will be held in June for this year.


Photo courtesy of Humas Pemprov Bali For Bali Express

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