Bali police have arrested two foreigners, both are identified as Thailand nationality, after being caught trying to smuggle drugs from Bangkok, Thailand to Denpasar, Bali. The two suspects kept the materials within their body by swallowing 100 pills of crystal meth, told the police on a press conference on Monday (5/27) at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport.

The two were caught on Monday, the previous week, during her check in at Ngurah Rai Airport’s International Arrival. From further investigation, the officials discovered about 100 pills inside their stomach. Each pill contains crystal meth with the total gross weight of 1,082.48 grams or about 989.48 grams of total nett weight.

The police also detained their passport where it is known that both suspects, Prakob and Adison, had formerly travelled to Hongkong and Malaysia before their visit to Bali.

According to the Head of BNN Chief of Eradication AKBP Nyoman Sebudi, this becomes the new case where Thai people found to be involved in drug smuggling attempt in Bali. Sebudi further explained that both Prakob and Adison knew each other but got no clue either about the person who gave them command or their buyer.

Both suspects are charged under the Narcotics laws of Indonesia and will face a maximum 20 years in jail to death penalty.



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