On Thursday (5/23), the authorities at Ngurah Rai Airport’s Aviation Security found several beavers and deadly scorpions inside a suitcase of a Russian tourist, identified as RT.

According to a written statement by Haruman Sulaksono, the General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura Persero I on Friday (5/24), he explained “Again, thanks to the carefulness of our Aviation Security staff, we have foiled many illegal attempts in smuggling endangered animals. During the past three months, we have succeeded in foiling several attempts by the passengers to smuggle some contraband items, including both endangered animals and active bullets.”

During the manual inspection, the authorities found four baby beavers inside the RT’s suitcase. They also found ten deadly and venomous scorpions placed inside his blue rattan bag.

After a coordination with the Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA), it is known that beavers are listed as endangered species in Indonesia. The police have undergone a further investigation to RT whose flight to Russia had to be disrupted after this case. The animals are now being kept temporarily at the office of KSDA Bali.

Source: www.news.detik.com

Photo by www.news.detik.com

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