Indonesian authorities have arrested five foreigners for selling cocaine and marijuana in Bali, says police in a press conference on Friday (5/31/2019) in Denpasar, Bali. The suspects are identified as Nikita, Russian (33); Maria, Russian (31); Ian, American, (31), Laura, Spaniard (33), and Juan, Spaniard (37). The four of them are identified as drug sellers while the other one is a drug user.

They were arrested between May 20 and 24 at different locations around Kuta. The police seized around 20.18 grams of cocaine and 44.14 grams of marijuana from the group which, according to the police, is believed to be imported from abroad.

Previously, the police received an information regarding illegal drug transactions by foreigners around the tourist hotspots in North Kuta and Seminyak. All suspects have been known for selling cocaine and marijuana since the last four months, one of them is Juan who has known to have lived in Bali for five years and own a business in restaurant.

The police are still investigating the possibility of an international syndicate who is believed to take part in these illegal drug transactions.

“We are still investigating how they got that cocaine and marijuana. We believe that they are part of an international syndicate and got the drugs from abroad,” said Denpasar police chief Ruddi Setiawan.



Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

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