Innovative and exciting – two words that best describe the local and international gastronomy creatively prepared by the extremely skilled, talented and experienced I Komang Ari Wibowo, Head Chef at Cocoon Beach Club renowned for his consistency in creating exciting new dimensions befitting any world-class venue for Balinese, Indonesian and International dining. He does this, he says, without quite meaning to – by borrowing from his rich Balinese heritage where he combines age-old techniques with today’s modern interpretations and the island’s plethora of herbs and spices to add refined new flavours to an otherwise familiar dish. The results will surpass all that even the most experienced gourmand knew or imagined. This is the reason why Cocoon Beach Club is one of the island’s best and unrivalled dining destinations, a home of flavours that promise to astonish and impress.

The Tapas menu at Cocoon is a great way to savour the diversity of the restaurant’s incredible flavours. It is a huge crowd favourite featuring 21 tantalizing items, each one promising to satiate the palate with its own unique and flavourful slant. Order as many as you like, or order any 5 items for just IDR 270,000 nett! We tried the Salt & Pepper Calamari with Lime, Aioli and Lemon; the calamari marinated for 24-hours in milk to emerge succulent and tender. The Grilled Octopus was boiled in herbs and spices before grilled over charcoal – there’s a hint of sublime smokiness in the dish that perfectly matches the bed of zesty rocket salad, Spanish onions and underneath, incredibly tasty hummus. Unlike any other Corn Fritters out there, Cocoon’s been enhanced with wild ginger, chilli, spring onions, garlic and eggs. Then there’s the Chicken Dumpling – not your ordinary dumpling; this is with minced chicken sautéed in sesame oil, oyster sauce and carrots for that extra crunch. Duck lovers shouldn’t miss the Roasted Duck Steam Bun – the Chef uses Peking Ducks for this, slathered in Hoy Sin Sauce and topped with pear, cucumber, crispy ginger and tangerine dressing. The duck, meticulously marinated with honey, coriander seed and lemongrass had its belly filled with star anise, cinnamon and salt, a technique similar to the making of the Balinese Ayam Betutu. Other popular favourites are the Mini Angus Beef Burger, the Pork Belly Slider and the Serrano Ham Croquettes. Meanwhile, big eaters must try the Seafood Platter, a magnificent presentation featuring the freshest treats from under the sea. At only IDR 599,000++ each, it can feed up to 4 persons. Do ask for a smaller option for a party of two.

The Restaurant at Cocoon Beach Club is an unsurpassed dining destination for the true gourmand and those who just want to enjoy great taste and good times in an awesome ambience at amazing prices. This unique one-of-a-kind venue is also renowned for its epic parties, sexy sojourns, fabulous cocktails and sultry days and nights by the poolside. To find out more, please visit its website at

Cocoon Restaurant & Beach Club

Jalan Double Six No. 66, Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak, Bali

Ph: + 62 361 731266

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