Japanese food lovers looking for delicious, fresh and affordable Japanese food in Jimbaran area can now head to the newly opened Sushi Tei outlet at Sidewalk Jimbaran. A new and exclusive lifestyle mall on Jl. Raya Uluwatu, this exciting new destination is also home to Bali’s second Sushi Tei outlet, while the first is located in Beachwalk Mall in Kuta.

The new Sushi Tei outlet in Sidewalk Jimbaran is also the brand’s 44th here in Indonesia. Guests looking for the restaurant won’t miss the brightly lit Sushi Tei signage, hanging right above the entryway with a signature Japanese accent wall that decorates the restaurant’s interior and exterior, depicting beautifully carved wood in distinct modern Japanese styles and shapes. The restaurant is bright and airy, with cool air-conditioning, interesting Japanese-style lights, cosy booths and comfortable seating areas. The entire restaurant is large enough to fit 172 seats and 3 VIP rooms and is the first in Indonesia to provide a quintessential sushi bar experience through the use of a conveyor belt, so guests can just pick the sushi and sashimi dish that they want off the belt without waiting for it to be delivered by the waiter or waitress. While you’re there, don’t miss out on your chance to try the Sushi Tei Special Menu created for Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran! One of the most interesting creations is the Dragon Jumbo Roll – a visually appetizing platter designed to mimic a dragon’s likeness and movements using 8 pieces of crab sticks and ebi tempura sushi rolls topped with unagi and avocado. Have it with the Chef’s Salad, a house specialty salad with Sushi Tei dressing, Wafuu dressing and Sesame Dressing. Salmon lovers should definitely have a go at the Aburi Salmon Carpaccio; not your regular Carpaccio, this is the half-broiled Japanese-style Salmon Carpaccio that is sure to impress. Want something warm and soothing? The Spicy Salmon Head Nabe will do the trick! This is a delightful Salmon Head Hotpot Dish in Spicy Miso Soup served with vegetables and prawns. Another hot favourite is the Nabeyaki Udon – Noodle Hotpot with Vegetables and Prawns. What’s a Japanese dinner with some Temaki? This popular hand-rolled sushi comes with a variety of flavours and fillings. Choose from Soft Shell Crab, Salmon Ebi Tempura, California (avocado, crab stick & flying fish roe), Lobster Salad and Kanimayo (crab stick mayonnaise).

Just like all Sushi Tei outlets across the country, Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran is committed to providing the utmost in comfort and service beyond customers’ expectations through the fusion of authentic Japanese tastes and delectable local flavours without straying from the guides and standards that have been set by PT. Sushi Tei Indonesia and all its outlets adhere to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standard for food safety system management. Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran is open every day from 10am until 10pm.


Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran

Sidewalk Jimbaran Level 1 Unit F1

Uluwatu Raya Street, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan

Ph: +62 361 446 7525




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