The Balinese long tailed monkey sanctuary in Ubud, The Monkey Forest Ubud, recently flooded with many visitors after photos of a selfie snapping monkey with the tourists went viral on social media. Not only foreigners, a crowd from local visitors are also seen visiting the natural habitat of these Balinese long tailed monkeys in Ubud just for some selfie pictures with the monkey.

The result is unique and unlike any other tourists-monkey selfie picture because it seems like the monkey who is the one capturing all the photos.

According to the monkey tamer at Monkey Forest Ubud, I Nyoman Surata (40) to Tribun Bali on Sunday (6/9/2019), the method is relatively easy. During the photo session, Surata is using bananas to lure the monkey’s attention. He takes the photos using their smartphones from the tourists while holding a piece of banana in his hand so the monkey is looking at the camera. When the monkey is about to reach for the banana, he then captures the moment.

Many tourists share this unique selfie on Instagram which put Surata busy in handling many people who want to go on a selfie with the monkey. Even though the method is quite easy, Surata also suggested to not to do this selfie activity alone or you may lose your smartphones or camera since the monkey could take them away.



Photo by @zeebali_tour

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