Enhance your outfit with a beautifully designed handbag by Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace. The Handbag Collection is perfect for every occasion and every personality. Each handbag is made with the brand’s high-quality and authentic traditional Balinese embroidery. Shop now for bags, purses, totes, cross body bags with the Handbag Collection by Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace.

Destined to become family heirlooms, each Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace piece may take up to five days to complete.  No two pieces are exactly the same, and the end result is a unique piece of true Balinese artwork, a beautiful piece of art to keep for a lifetime.

Established in 1978, there are currently 13 Uluwatu stores in Bali. Find out more or shop online atwww.uluwatu.co.id.

About Bali Plus Magazine:
Bali’s Biggest Little Guide Book

Bali Plus Magazine is one of the oldest tourism and travel magazines on Bali Island. Entering its 21st year in 2017, this monthly pocket-sized and complimentary magazine was created with the aim to provide useful up-to-date Bali’s information for travellers and tourists on everything unique and relevant in Bali; from Balinese Hindu culture, Bali’s Activity, Bali’s Art, and ceremonies, most fashionable events and launches that are taking place across the island, Travelling in Bali, Dining in Bali, Bali with Children, Shopping in Bali, Spa in Bali, Accommodation in Bali, Party in Bali, to the Bali Map. Available in English, and upon request Japanese and Mandarin, this award-winning magazine has a strong online presence and engagement via its website, daily e-newsletters and social media platforms which are updated daily.

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