BREAKING NEWS: The Beg-packers Tourists in Bali

Bali Officials Will Return “Begpacker” Tourists to Their Respective Embassy

Following of the recent news about tourists who turn themselves into beggars in Bali, or “bagpackers”, the officials from Bali immigration office stated that the agency will send the problematic tourists back to their respective embassy, Inquirer reports. It also becomes the responsibility of each respective embassy to handle the case.

Recently, the begpackers phenomenon has gone viral amongst tourists in Bali. The begpackers comes from the word beg and packers, which means tourists who has run out of money and living their lives as beggars in the place they are currently visiting.

“We have seen many cases of problematic tourists, lately they are either Australian, British or Russian. We tend to report these cases to the relevant embassies, so they can oversee their citizens who are on hold holiday here,” explained Setyo Budiwardoyo, the official at Ngurah Rai’s immigration office as reported by Detik News via Coconuts Bali on June 25.

He also added that the embassies should be able to provide its citizens in need.

According to the report by Coconuts Bali, the case where a begpacker foreign tourist was also occurred last October. The tourist, who was identified as a Bulgarian, was seen scavenging for food in trash cans in Bali, where later he was given food by the kind local residents nearby.



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