Bali’s Animal Welfare Agency Closes 77 “RW” Stalls Across The Island


The Animal Welfare Agency of Bali (Dinkeswan) has closed about 77 food stalls around Bali which sells dog meats, commonly known as RW. Previously, about 44 stalls had been closed by the agency for selling dog meats.

The agency, alongside with members from police department, veterinary agency, and Satpol PP held a full month inspection to stalls around the island from 23 April to 10 May 2019. They found several stalls in five regions including in Denpasar, Karangasem, Buleleng, and Jembranathat serve dishes with dog meats. The stalls are mostly found in Buleleng.

“During last month, April to May 2019, we held another inspection and monitoring. Whether the previous food stalls who willingly to close are still serving it or not. After we checked, we found some who still sell it,” said the chief of Dinkeswan Bali, Ni Made Sukerni, to Tribun Bali.

“The next time if there is still stall who sell dog meat, we will charge them with the existing law,” added Sukerni.

Through the Governor’s circular letter last year, Bali has made clear its position against dog meat trades. The letter regulates about the ban on dog meats consumption and dog meat trades at food stalls across the island. Aside from not being the main source for meat consumption, the meat from dogs also have a high risk in spreading deadly diseases such as rabies.



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