The 2019 Penjor Festival at GWK Cultural Park


The Penjor are ornamental bamboo poles that are unique to the island of Bali and are usually erected during Galungan and Kuningan festivities. Far from elaborate decorations, the Penjor serves real and important purposes to the people of Bali – it is a symbol of gratitude from the people to the Gods for all the blessings, prosperity and wealth bestowed to the island and to the people.

Made with tall bamboo, the Penjor is usually decorated with coconut leaves and various flowers, leaves and fruits and then erected along front gates of shops or houses. In Hinduism, the Penjor symbolizes the mountains where Gods are believed to be residing. As Bai’s leading tourist destination, GWK Cultural Park highlights the uniqueness of the Penjor with The GWK Penjor Festival 2019 which will run from 13 to 27 July 2019. The festival underscores GWK’s commitment to help preserve Bali’s unique culture and arts. “GWK Penjor Festival 2019” begins with a Penjor Creativity Competition which took place on 13 July 2019. During “GWK Penjor Festival 2019”, the park offered 50% discounts on all entrance tickets for Balinese visitors with Balinese ID, Balinese student cards, and KITAS holders.

The park also held a Penjor Creativity Contest which opened to public and students in High School and Universities. Participants involved were from various Banjar, schools and villages. The competition is divided into two categories – Ceremonial Penjor and Ornamental Penjor. Participants were required to use Lontar or palm leaves as the main material and other materials that are durable and organic and which can last up to 14 days. Materials made from plastics and polystyrene, were not allowed, in line with the government’s effort to reduce the use of synthetic materials. All participants were required to wear Balinese madya costume. Assessments were made based on creativity, uniqueness, harmony, aesthetics, tidiness, and the completeness of the material used.

The winner will receive a trophy, certificate, and cash prizes worth millions of Rupiah. The Penjor Exhibition was showcased during the “GWK Penjor Festival 2019” for two weeks with hundreds of Penjors being displayed. Visitors enjoyed cultural, musical and other exciting performances throughout the duration of the festival.

GWK Cultural Park
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