Bali was struck by a 5.8 SR earthquake on yesterday morning (7/16) which followed by another nine aftershocks with smaller frequencies. The earthquake creates shock to many of the holidaymakers in this Island of Paradise and the news has quickly become the headlines on several online international news media for the past 24 hours. However, Bali is now back again to its normal daily routine.

“Bali is safe to visit,” stated Putu Astawa from Bali Tourism Agency to Kompas Travel on Tuesday (7/16).

The agency further stated that the earthquake is not affecting the tourism activity, there is no injuries reported among the visitors. All airport activities, for both international and domestic flights, are operating normally.

“The earthquake did not disrupt the tourism activities, airport is also operating normally,” added Putu.

In the present time, the agency focuses in preparing for a further emergency preparedness plan to better response for another potential earthquake.

“We work together with the crisis centre from the tourism stakeholders and the agency for disaster management in Bali.” added Putu

According to Rahmat Triyono of Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency to, the epicentre of the earthquake is located 104 kilometres in the sea, about 80 kilometres away from southern Negara, Jembrana. It is caused by a subduction activity of the Indonesian-Australian plate which move under the Euroasia plate.


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