Guests and local residents are amazed by the stunning view of the thousand dolphins at the Lovina Beach in Buleleng, reports.

Gede Putra, one of the tour guides at Lovina beach stated that the number of dolphins seen today are more than it is on the daily basis. He also expected that there were thousands of them were seen near the beach.

“Sometimes there are but sometimes there are not, but today was way too many,” told Putra to

According to Putra, these thousands of dolphins are spotted around 4 kilometres from the beach from early in the morning until noon.

“They were spotted around 6 AM until 10 AM this morning,” told Putra.

The appearance of the dolphins depends on how much food resources is available around the area. If the area is filled with abundant amount of food, they will appear in a huge number. Here at Lovina beach, it is expected that lots of the dolphins this morning are swimming to hunt for mackerel fish, known to be one of dolphin’s main food source, which is now available in a large numbers around the area.


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